JOUAV's efficiency helped us a lot during COVID-19

In October 2018, cw-10 was bought by our customer ZT Geographic Co., LTD.

In 2019, ZT Geographic completed the over 2100km survey project in Sichuan province during 9 months by CW-10.

In 2020, "under the epidemic situation of Corona Virus, JOUAV's stability and efficiency make us more secure", said by ZT Geographic.

ZT Geographic uses CW-10 to provide accurate and effective data support for new rural construction, hook of increase of urban construction land and rural residential land project, land consolidation, land resource survey, urban planning and construction and other projects in Sichuan province of China.

The topography of Sichuan province is characterized by large height drop and mountainous area.The east is surrounded by mountains, the middle is basins, and the west is plateaus and mountains.Mountains, plateaus and hills cover 95% of Sichuan province's land area.

Although the terrain is complex, but ZT Geographic has its own way. On Feb. 29, they were back to work and operated their first flight with the CW-10 after a long time holiday due to Corona Virus.

Only in one day's work, they used CW-10 to complete the aerial survey of “hook of increase of urban construction land and rural residential land project” in Sichuan province.

Background of project

“Hook of increase of urban construction land and rural residential land project”, which means the increase of urban construction and rural construction land are tied to reduce, through land consolidation and reclamation and other measures, the goal of increasing the effective area of cultivated land, improving the quality of cultivated land, economizing on the use of construction land and making a more reasonable distribution of land in urban and rural areas can finally be achieved.

Coverage of survey area

In this project, three areas of three villages need to be completed. The survey area covers an area of 42km², 700m~1950m above sea level, with an altitude difference of 1250m. The terrain in this area is complex, with overlapping and high mountains. The scale required by this project is 1:1000.

Schematic diagram of survey area

Route planning

In this project, CW-10 equipped with professional aerial survey camera, the course overlap rate is 75%, the side overlap rate is 65%, the relative altitude is 698m, the shooting distance is 119.3m, the S-shaped route, the minimum circling radius is 120m.

The aircraft not only needs to fly at high altitude difference, but also needs to ensure the accuracy of 1:1000 orthography. "There's no doubt about the cw-10's performance. It's easy." Said by the customer.

Field flight

JOUAV CW-10 UAV is vertical take-off and landing(VTOL Fixed Wing), fully autonomous flight, modular design, no need any tools to complete the UAV disassembly. (it is understood that all field operations in ZT Geographic are conducted by one person when using CW-10.)

Cw-10 operated in accordance with the pre-planned route plan, the average actual operation time of each flight was about 75min, and the flight operation of the project was completed in one day.

The flight operation was completed and the plane landed with precision.

Results of Data

The orthophoto image was produced after the CW-10 flight, which provides accurate and effective data support for “the land increase and decrease linkage project” approval, design, construction and acceptance.

Partial data result

“For the first flight after a long time holiday due to Corona Virus, we made a lot of preparations in the early stage, studied the efficient flight plan, and adjusted the flight design reasonably. JOUAV CW-10 is super powerful, efficient and accurate, all the flights are done in one day. That's great.”