Drones are increasingly becoming a necessary force in China's aviation emergency rescue system.

Disaster early warning, aerial remote sensing, forest eradication fire, sea search and rescue, power grid inspection and monitoring, etc. With the accelerated development of the drone industry, drones are increasingly becoming a necessary force in China's aviation emergency rescue system. In the recently held 2020 Fourth World Drone Conference in Shenzhen, China, 2020 Drone (Emergency) Practical Application Summit Forum, many drones that can be applied to emergency rescue have been unveiled. Experts said that the future of drones would promote and improve the construction and development of China's aviation emergency rescue system. Li Rui-Kun, director of the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, introduced that China's firefighting forces are facing increasingly complex fire fighting and emergency rescue situation, and the standard functions of drones in the field of firefighting at this stage still have certain limitations, which need to be gradually improved in combination with practice. With big data, Internet of things, cloud computing, new energy, new materials, artificial intelligence, and other new technology breakthroughs, firefighting UAV system is becoming increasingly mature, will better achieve scientific firefighting, scientific rescue. "At this stage, we are carrying out mixed fixed-wing, helicopter and other models, fuel-powered, tethered power supply and other power sources of product testing, the future will also be combined with the development of standards, and constantly improve the test conditions and capabilities for the fire department to keep good product quality." Li Rui-Kun said. Nie Shoot, deputy director of the South China Sea Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, introduced drones on the sea. "For example, the search and positioning of wrecked ships and missing persons at sea; the quality class and area confirmation of pollutants appearing on the sea surface; the pre-life-saving equipment and food delivery for people in distress at sea, etc., drones can play a huge role." Nie shoot said. It is understood that 11 social groups jointly organized the forum and research institutes, including the China Civil Aviation Emergency Rescue Union and the Guangdong Southern Emergency Management Research Institute, under the guidance of the National Center for Safety Production and Emergency Rescue, the National Disaster Reduction Center, the National Warning Information Release Center and the China Earthquake Disaster Defense Center. More than 200 representatives from relevant departments of Chinese ministries and commissions, emergency management departments of provincial and municipal governments, and scientific research institutions, universities, UAV enterprises, and training institutions attended.