JOUAV's CW-40 Drone Shows Up at Zhuhai Airshow

Major release! JOUAV CW-40 UAV finally shows up at China Airshow in Zhuhai!

JOUAV CW-40 droneWith the opening of the 13th China Airshow, many new aerospace products, technologies, services, and achievements representing the world's advanced level are being displayed and exchanged here, and a large number of powerful private enterprises have brought a lot of products that should not be underestimated.

As the first domestic listed company with UAV as its main business, JOUAV shares some UAV products on Zhuhai Airshow. This is the debut of JOUAV CW-40. CW-40 has many advantages such as large payload, long-endurance, long link, and VTOL, and became an aviation product of great interest.


JOUAV CW-40 UAV was officially launched at China Airshow

In an interview with the media, Ren Bin, Chairman of JOUAV, said that the CW-40 adopts a domestic four-stroke EFI engine, differential GPS navigation system, and domestic independent intellectual property rights avionics system, with a maximum load of 10 kg, a maximum endurance of 10 hours, and effective control radius of 200 km and encrypted data transmission. Equipped with high-performance three-light photoelectric pods, suitable for large-area, long-distance video surveillance scenarios.

Mr. Ren Bin, Chairman of JOUAV

Mr. Ren Bin, Chairman of JOUAV, was interviewed by the media

CW-40 full system can achieve rapid disassembly and assembly within 15 minutes, with a vehicle, ship mobile platform takeoff and landing, and off-site foreign ship takeoff and landing functions. It can be configured into different operation modes such as single station single machine, single station multiple machines, and single machine multiple stations according to different application scenarios such as air-ground and air-sea.

Once CW-40 was unveiled, it attracted high attention from industry authorities and potential customers. Some experts believe that the release of CW-40 has great strategic significance.

specification of the CW-40 drone

The application scenario of shipboard drones is mainly on board, and gasoline cannot be used onboard, and bringing gasoline onboard is prone to fire, which is a major safety hazard. The drone uses a heavy oil engine, logistics will be more convenient. Gasoline engines to heavy oil engines, technical difficulties, mainly in the following points.

Heavy oil is difficult to atomize, we use electronic fuel injection technology to solve the atomization problem.

The heavy oil engine is difficult to start, we solved the starting problem by modifying the engine block.

Adopting a high-energy ignition package as well as a high-energy ignition spark plug, we solved the ignition problem of a heavy oil engine.

Since its establishment, JOUAV has been actively exploring and promoting the application of industrial drones, mainly vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drones. In March this year, JOUAV released CW-15 II UAV, whose intelligent, platform-based and tool-based features have been recognized and supported by the majority of users. The product is as simple and easy to use as a consumer-grade product, and can be used with partners for secondary development of loads and software, and has achieved safety, reliability, and low cost on this basis.

If CW-15 II UAV led the industrial revolution in the civil application field and opened the era of industrial-grade UAV 2.0, the release of CW-40 revolutionized the innovation of a new generation of shipborne vertical takeoff and landing UAV systems. It has many advantages such as large payload, long-endurance, long link, vertical takeoff and landing, strong stability and reliability in harsh environments, and can be used in various application scenarios such as intelligence reconnaissance, search and surveillance, emergency rescue, link relay, anti-smuggling, security defense, environmental monitoring, forest fire-prevention, and stronghold defense.

At present, the shipborne UAV is still in the exploration stage, and both its performance and its usage need to be further strengthened. Let's wait and see if the CW-40 new generation shipborne UAV released by JOUAV will break this situation!