Construction of reservoir: CW-15 surveying project

What are the concerns of drone users? More accurate flight data acquisition? More safe and convenient operation? Efficiency of task completion? Sensors carried by the drone?

In the latter half of the year, Jouav participated in the construction of a reservoir and provided specialized equipment.The proposed surveying and mapping was carried out in Pingchang County of Sichuan Province in early July, mission was to make a 1:1000 topographic map of dam area and a 1:2000 topographic map of reservoir area. In this mission, CW-15 DaPeng VTOL UAV was used to provide accurate data support and basis for reservoir construction.

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The process as follows:

1.Aerial Survey Scheme Design and Flight Mission Planning

2.Site Survey

3.Aerial Survey Flight

4.Control surveying of Photograph

5.Industry Data Processing

According to the professionals, CW-15 equipped aerial Camera solution is the best technical solution to operate in the complex surveying and mapping, undulating terrain situation. As an advanced VTOL UAV, CW-15 can take off in a very limited space, achieve the maximum accuracy of take-off and landing autonomously. In addition, CW-15 has dual GPS design, dual magnetic compass design, which allow UAV smoothly switch to backup equipment, improve the safety of operation in rainy environment in Pingchang County when during seasonal rain. All of these schemes reduced the flight-risk in operation.

CW-15 operated two sorties with professional aerial camera, for each lasts 130 minutes and covers an area of 30 square kilometers. In operation, the altitude is 600 meters, the overlap rate of course is 70%, and the overlap rate of side direction is 65%.

“The value of CW-15 exceeds our expectations, high efficiency, stable flight attitude and clear image,” said Mr. Zheng, engineer of Sichuan Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Survey. “we’re excited about the new products or solutions of Jouav.”


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Another advantage of CW-15’s to load multiple sensors over a long distance (task load capacity can reach 2.5kg), which provides the possibility of application in many industries.

In April this year, CW-15 finished an oblique aerial photography carried a five-lens camera in Baoli Lingxiu Mountain(Gansu Province), and got 3D modeling date base for next work.

Bill, CEO of Jouav, said that the advantages of industrial UAVs are to break through the limitations of natural conditions and human capabilities to a certain extent, and replace human works in long-distance (difficult to reach) and high-risk areas.

About the CW-15

A full battery VTOL UAV applied in small-size and high accuracy mission, with 100-120 min flight endurance and 16kg MTOW, especially for the project less than 40 sq. km. in one flight.