Train to Busan: CW-30D in South Korea

At the end of April,2019, CW-30D carried a EO/IR gimbal camera to Busan, South Korea to assist the local ocean fishing company to carry out ocean fishing operations in the sea.

*Ocean fishing refers to fishing operations in the ocean area beyond the 200m isobath. Ocean fishing products are rich in nutrients and at the same time far away from human activity areas. They have the excellent characteristics of no pollution, which are of great significance to ensure people's dietary health and consumption upgrade.

On the same day, CW-30D took off on a moving fishing boat and arrived at the sea area 30 kilometers away to begin operations. The staff inspects the sea area through the 30x zoom gimbal camera mounted on CW-30D, and transmits the collected images to the fishing boat in real time. The staff can determine the position of the fish according to the images.

Observe the sea surface and find seaweed.

Observe the sea.

Find the cargo ship, zoom in and observe.

Since this operation is located near the South Korea and human activities are frequent, no fish were found. However, in the course of the mission, CW-30D still showed its strength and was recognized by users.

It is understood that in the past, local ocean fishing companies used manned helicopters to assist ocean fishing. However, some helicopters have unfavorable factors such as time-consuming, labor-intensive, high cost, high danger, and inconvenient takeoff and landing. At the same time, some helicopters need the staff to be in the air and use the camera to shoot, and they cannot provide the position of the fish in a timely and accurate manner, which delays the fishing process.

"CW-30D can take off and land on the fishing boat, which solves the problem of taking off and landing. Using CW-30D for ocean fishing, long duration and high stability, while providing clear images, accurate and efficient locking of the position of the fish, saving manpower while ensuring the safety of personnel at the cost of material resources." The staff of the local ocean fishing company praised CW-30D.

CWD series UAVs can track and lock the target, and can achieve 30 times zoom, and can observe the target's dynamics when the target is far away.

The introduction of a mobile platform for autonomous take-off and landing has made the shipborne UAV air patrol height, maneuverability and multi-tasking one step further.

CW series drones can not only take off and land on difficult sites in inland areas, but also have full mobile landing skills.

Facing the ever-changing sea weather, JOUAV relies on its high stability, calmly responds, and has a wider range of applications to meet the needs of more industries.