Protect Our Sea: CW-10 UAV with RGB camera

"Drone" and "Sea", it may be difficult for you to link the two together. However, there is a group of people, they use drones to explore the sea world.


The Topography and Geomorphology Team of the Second Institute of Oceanography and Seabed Science Laboratory, the Ministry of Natural Resources.

As the earliest domestic team using drones to detect and study the terrain and landforms of islands and coastal zones in 2018, the terrain and landform team where Professor Li Shoujun started to use drones equipped with RGB cameras to demarcate sea areas, coastlines, and islands. The survey carries out aerial photogrammetry, constructs digital ground model (DTM), digital orthophoto map (DOM) and other resultts through photogrammetry, and investigates the topography of islands and coastal zones.

Traditional marine surveys are usually carried out with ships (scientific research ships) as the carrier of surveys. However, due to the seaworthiness of ships, there are gaps in surveys in shallow water areas, especially in extremely shallow water areas such as tidal flats.

With the development of science and technology, the introduction of drone surveying and mapping technology in ocean surveys is imperative. "From 2018 to now, we are also constantly exploring and promoting the rapid development of the industry through the application of high and new technologies." Professor Li said.


In marine surveys, the environment is complex and changeable, the wind is strong, and the requirement for equipment is very high. The development of UAV aerial surveys has facilitated ocean surveys.

Professor Li told the editor that the technology of CW series UAV's is stable and reliable, and is very mature on the ship. When faced with complex marine environment, it is easy to handle."

According to the constraints of the actual flight environment, "We need a drone platform with vertical take-off and landing and fixed-wing flight to meet the needs of the marine environment survey. After many investigations, we finally chose the CW-10 drone as our main model."

In 2019, the topography and geomorphology team of the Submarine Science Laboratory implemented the survey of the Green Eagle Reef and Luoyin Mountain Reef in Pingyang County, Wenzhou City using the CW-10, and established a high-precision digital elevation model (DEM) and digital orthophoto map (DOM ).

Recently, the CW-10 has also successfully completed the survey of the demarcation of the Sulu sea area, the renovation of the Zhoushan-Liuheng blue bay, and the ecological construction of the Cangnan Bay.

The CW series UAVs is equipped with a variety of sensors and is used in marine surveys. It can realize large-scale mapping of the land and sea . It has the advantages of high survey accuracy, full coverage and high efficiency.