Marathon Competition: CW-15D Real-time Monitoring

On October 20,2019, the first Suining International Marathon officially started. The CW-15D carried the EO/IR gimbal camera took off to monitor the whole competition.

This CW-15D operation area is located in the urban area of Suining City, flying along the entire marathon route. At the same time, there are a large number of participants, and the situation is complicated.

At five o'clock in the morning, the staff arrived at the landing site on the roof of the command center of Suining City Public Security Bureau to do the pre-flight preparations.

At 8:30 in the morning, the CW-15D took off steadily and began aerial surveillance of the marathon site. During the operation, the CW-15 was equipped with EO/IR gimbal camera, flying two sorties, and each for 83 minutes.

In this operation, the CW-15D transmitted the real time images to the ground station in real time, and relayed to the command center through a dedicated network on the ground station to achieve synchronous monitoring. The commander can dispatch and command the on-site security work through the real-time picture in the command center of the Public Security Bureau.

Aerial picture transmission to ground station in real time

30x zoom, lock and track the state of the participants in progress.

Hover over the field to monitor.

Use CW-15D to carry out aerial monitoring of vehicles on the scene.

After the competition, we interviewed an on-site staff. According to the description of the him, we better understood the advantages of CW series in the whole competition:

1. D-series UAVs can track and lock the target and achieve 30 times zoom, and can observe the dynamics of the ground target in the case of low weather visibility.

In the morning of the marathon, the fog was very heavy and the weather visibility was low. At first we were worried. However, CW-15D UAV still responds well to these situations. With superior performance and stable flight, it returns high-definition and smooth real-time video images for commanders to make scientific decisions and judgments.

2. The entire system of CW series is highly integrated, and can guide the UAV platform to complete the task through the payload.

During the competition, CW-15D UAV can adjust the cruise speed and route of the aircraft according to the position of the participants. As the "Eye of the Sky", CW series UAV has flexible scheduling capabilities.

3. CW-15D UAV has a fast deployment speed and a long cruising time.

The modular design of the CW-15D UAV is fast for disassembly and assembly when faced with unexpected tasks. At the same time, the endurance of the CW-15D is 120 minutes, easy to use and maintain, high search efficiency with large coverage area.

CWD series UAV integrates a variety of gimbal cameras and video links, which can carry out day and night reconnaissance and monitoring of the target area, and can realize target identification, location forensics, and locking tracking.

In the field of public security and police use, CW series drones play an important role in high-altitude monitoring, reconnaissance tracking, search and rescue, etc. At the same time, they take charge of daily high-definition video recording and real time transmission.