JOUAV Invested 48 million USD of New manufacturing base

On the morning of March 30, JOUAV held the start ceremony of "JOUAV manufacturing base construction project" in Chengdu city.

To meet the market growth, JOUAV has built manufacturing base in Tianfu new district of Chengdu city. The company will carry out research on the core and key technologies of UAV in the base and build an industrial base of UAV with international advanced level.

Adhering to the concept of building a "High-standard, High-tech, Ecological" UAV manufacturing base, we plans to invest about 48 million US Dollars, with a total construction area of about 54,000 square meters.

The base supports the production line of standard UAV models and relevant supporting facilities, expands the production capacity, improves the manufacturing process, and realizes the annual production capacity of about 3,700 after completion, which will greatly promote the rapid development of the company's industrial UAV industry.

With the continuous maturity of technology development, market application and business model, industrial UAV will further integrate with traditional industries and play a bigger and more active role in surveying and mapping, geographic information, energy patrol, intelligent security, emergency response, intelligent environmental protection and other fields under the catalysis of 5G and artificial intelligence.

The company will continue to improve its core competitiveness through technological innovation and value creation, strive to move forward, gradually incubate and drive the innovation of the industrial chain and the rapid development of the industrial UAV industry, and make greater contribution to the regional economic construction.