CW-30 LiDAR succeed in high elevation valley area

"The flight was quite smooth, mainly due to the gelivable flying equipment!"

Our customer Mr.Zhang, who had just finished the flight and was full of praise for the CW-30 LiDAR,

"To my surprise, the canyon survey area with an elevation difference of 1200 meters,

JOUAV UAV flew so steadily, data is also very beautiful!"

The CW-30 LiDAR, from Sichuan Yongshan engineering consulting Co., LTD., is in charge of monitoring the geological condition of a canyon landslide.

In order to carry out the investigation and research on the occurrence and characteristics of geological disasters and monitor the mountain collapses and landslides induced in the valley, the project team members of Sichuan Yongshan engineering consulting co., ltd. carried cw-30lidar to the site to collect data, closely monitor the landslide risk in the region, and strengthen the follow-up geological disaster prevention work.

"Under the influence of the Coronavirus, the flight operation turns more difficult!"Mr.Zhang, leader of the project team, told us that the survey area is located in the valley, which is not conducive to flying.

"When we went to work, the whole area was blocked off, it took us all day to find a suitable takeoff and landing area, and finally we found a flat area above a tunnel about eight kilometers from the survey area." Mr.Zhang recalled.

"The survey area is a mountain valley, the climate is changeable, the time that can fly is only before 12 o 'clock, we basically get up at 5 o 'clock, rush to the takeoff and landing site for preparation."Mr.Zhang told us that they stayed for five days, but failed to return because of the bad weather.

Everything comes to him who waits. Mr.Zhang and his team waited for a good weather day at last. “Considering the difficulty of the project and the special terrain, we sent four experienced pilots to fly this mission."

The area measured was 3.5 square kilometers. They flew two sorties by CW-30LiDAR in accordance with the 1:2000 scale, and acquired both point cloud data and orthography.

"We could have done it with only one flight, but we mistakenly set the frequency and rerouted it, which caused us to fly another sortie." Mr.Zhang told us that the first time they used 200KHz, the result is that the height difference is too big, the data at the bottom of the ditch is not complete. In the second sortie, they changed to 50KHz and finally full data were obtained.

Mr.Zhang said with a smile that although the flight was full of twists and turns, the final data result was so beautiful that he couldn't believe it.

"Do you dare to believe that the maximum altitude of the plane from the ground 1300 meters, the trench bottom point density per square meter 3-5 points, the peak point density per square meter 6-10 points, If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I must think it was an exaggeration.”

Raw point cloud data

DOM data

True color point cloud data


In fact, this is not the first time for Sichuan Yongshan engineering consulting Co., LTD to challenge the difficult aerial survey project.

"For one project we did in Chongqing city, we flew the CW-30LiDAR over a 900 meter difference and the flight was very smooth, so we are particularly confident about this operation." Mr.Zhang told us that the project in Chongqing was their first difficult operation.