Ecosystem Monitor: CW-15 operated in open pit mine

The operation area is located in the Qilian Mountains, and a lot of mineral resources are stored in the territory. The over-exploitation in the early stage destroyed the balance of the ecosystem of the Qilian Mountain Reserve.

In order to implement the important instructions on ecological environment protection, Xi'an Tuyuan surveying company used CW-15 to carry out oblique photogrammetric survey of the mining area and master the governance status of the area.

In the mission, the CW-15 UAV is equipped with a half-frame oblique camera with a total pixel of 120 million. The takeoff altitude is 4300 meters, the flight altitude is 5441 meters, the relative altitude is 1141 meters, and it took one flight to complete the aerial survey mission.

The high-precision tilt photography data obtained through aerial survey can be used to reconstruct a 3D model of the mining area and view the restoration and governance

JOUAV lived up to the expectations and completed the oblique photography flight mission of the mining area. A total of 19 square kilometers of image data was obtained with a ground resolution of 15cm. The orthophoto and 3D models were processed to meet the accuracy requirements of this project.

Aerial Triangulation

3D model

JOUAV oblique camera system obtains multi-overlap and high-resolution surface images, and carries out precise three-dimensional reconstruction of the mining area, and provides reliable technical and data support for the ecological restoration construction of the mining area.