CW-30LiDAR in highway construction

On 13rd April, Gansu Dayu Jiuzhou Space Information Technology Co., Ltd. and JOUAV jointly held the CW-30LiDAR and CW-15 delivery ceremony.

“Actually, we knew JOUAV since 2017. We still remember that we purchased CW-20 UAV, which was mainly used for orthop and oblique mapping projects.” Mr. He said.

According to Mr. He, this CW-30LiDAR was just delivered and immediately went to the field for surveying and mapping tasks. "We received a commission from a well-known domestic transportation planning and design company to complete the survey task of the Gansu Tianshui Ring Expressway. The delivery of CW-30LiDAR was really timely."

The Tianshui City Ring Expressway is an important part of the newly adjusted 6 prefecture-level city ring roads in the "Gansu Provincial Road Network Planning (2013-2030)". The construction of this highway around the city can effectively alleviate the traffic pressure in the urban area, improve the provincial highway network, realize the interconnection of Tianshui urban area, and increase the overall efficiency and scale of the highway network.

Mr. He revealed that the project is in a short period of time. Considering that the LiDAR work is not restricted by the sun's altitude, so that it can work during the day and night, which saves a lot of time.

"The survey area is dominated by mountains, with dense vegetation. If you want to do a good job in highway engineering surveying and mapping, you can't do it without LiDAR." Mr. He told us that the LiDAR has strong vegetation penetrating power, which effectively solves the problem of other RGB cameras in terrain and surface measurement, and its high accuracy is very suitable for early engineering surveys of highways under complex terrain.

In 15 days, Gansu Dayu Jiuzhou used the CW-20 oblique camera system combined with the CW-30LiDAR system to complete a 1:2000 scale digital topographic map of approximately 70 square kilometers.

"This project has a total of 14 sorties, including 7 sorties for CW-30LiDAR and 7 sorties for CW-20 oblique camera system." Mr. He said.

"The completion of this project will speed up the development of the Guanzhong Plain urban area, release the development space of Tianshui City, enhance the agglomeration and divergence effect of the regional central city of Tianshui City."

Mr. He told us, “The CW-30LiDAR was verified for highway engineering projects immediately after delivery. Big data, high precision, and high efficiency, and it is truly efficient. With the advantages of LiDAR equipment, it is considered the best buy!”