CW-30D UAV escort for the 2020 college entrance examination

In China, for every student, the most important examination in life is the college entrance examination.

CW-30D VTOL UAV deployment

The Public Security Bureau of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China uses the CW-30D VTOL fixed wing UAV to real-time monitor the traffic and public security conditions around the examination site.

The Dongsheng District Public Security Bureau found before the college entrance examination that the surveillance cameras of the No. 3 and No. 2 middle schools in Ordos City did not achieve full coverage.

CW-30D police UAV ready for flight

At nine o'clock in the morning, the public security branch of Dongsheng District, Ordos City completed the on-site deployment, and used the CW-30D to conduct air patrols for the first time.

"Through preliminary investigations, we use CW-30D to focus on real-time inspections of the area within 50KM around the test site, to monitor the traffic conditions and public security conditions near the test site, to ensure that no candidates miss the exam due to unexpected circumstances during the college entrance examination." Officer Wang of the drone operation said.

The surveillance video of the CW-30D can be transmitted back to the ground station and the public security command center in real time to provide data support for the decision-making level.

Real time video stream

live video sttream back to command center

Police in surveillance

"The CW-30D police drone was chosen because of its wide patrol range and long cruise time. The CW-30D has an operating radius of 25 kilometers and a battery endurance of 3 hours. It can provide comprehensive information on the traffic and public security conditions around the examination site.” Police Officer Wang explained.

According to Ordos News, the CW-30D UAV dispatched this time is the first hybrid UAV of the public security department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.