CW-15+120MP Oblique Camera Solution

Under the background of the comprehensive implementation of the river chief system and the delineation of the river and lake management scope according to Chinese law, the work of demarcating the river and lake boundaries in the towns under the jurisdiction of Xining city and the mountainous areas is under way. In this operation, JOUAV CW-15, equipped with a half-frame Oblique camera with a total pixel size of 120 million, worked for five consecutive days to complete the mapping mission in this area.

As an important part of the management of rivers and lakes, the demarcation of rivers and lakes is also a major task for unified confirmation and registration of rights of natural resources and comprehensive implementation of the system of river and lake chiefs.

Strengthening river and lake management is of great significance for ensuring flood control, water supply and ecological safety and promoting sustainable development of economy and society.

How difficult is it for this operation?

During the campaign, Gansu Honglong surveying and mapping development Co.,Ltd used CW-15 in completing the surveying and mapping task of demarcating 165 kilometers of rivers and lakes.

According to Engineer Wang of Gansu Honglong, the operation area is located in the towns and mountains under the jurisdiction of Xining city, and the large number of river branches has led to a large increase in the width of the flying area, with many areas more than 1.8 kilometers wide. And the entire mission area is scattered, requiring multiple operations.

The average altitude of the survey area is about 3200 meters, the flying height is 3800 meters, and the temperature is 4-5 degrees below zero. Mountain air turbulence is a also challenge to the operation.

When the UAV encounters fluctuating gust in the air, it will affect the flight attitude of the aircraft, resulting in the failure to carry out the flight mission, of course also affecting the imaging effect.

For this mission, how to fly?

According to Engineer Wang, in 5 days of limited time, CW-15 worked 3 to 4 sorties every day, each sortie for 110 minutes, a total of 17 sorties, successfully completed the task!

Route planning

The whole aerial survey of this mission is 165 kilometers long. The CW-15 is equipped with a half frame Oblique camera. The plane's route altitude is 3800 meters, the scale is 1:1000, the heading overlap rate is 75%, and the lateral overlap rate is 70%.

Field operation

Due to the tight schedule and heavy task, the whole team and CW-15 are overloaded. "Under the circumstances of high altitude, low temperature and frequent occurrence of strong wind of Level 6-7 in the process of flight, CW-15 still maintains its operation for 110 minutes for each flight, and with accurate positioning accuracy, excellent anti-wind performance, achieved the mountain fixed-point takeoff and landing, high efficiency to complete the task of navigation.

Final result


"The CW-15 is equipped with a half-frame Oblique camera with a total pixel size of 120 million, which can obtain high resolution images and meet the mapping accuracy requirements of this mission. Information such as river location, length and basin area can be extracted to provide effective and accurate data support for the delimitation of rivers and lakes in the later period."

As the practitioner of ecological environment, JOUAV will continue to contribute core science and technology to the protection of the ecological environment, to protect the beautiful earth.