BRAND NEW JOUAV VCS-100 Mobile Command Vehicle

We respond on time. Every time.

Ensuring your emergency team vehicle is in a constant state of readiness, we push ourselves to build trucks that deliver when called upon – when you need them most.

This is the brand new JOUAV VCS-100 UAV mobile command vehicle. Whether you need a highly maneuverable vehicle on a 18′ commercial chassis, or a sophisticated option for up to 5 tactical officers, we offer this mobile command vehicle to fit your budget, specifications and deadline.

The CW series UAV system, ground control system, data link system, and support system are highly integrated in the mobile command vehicle. The integrated design greatly improves the efficiency of field work operations.

This diesel vehicle is built on a Ford Transit high roof extended-length cargo van chassis with unlimited driving area. Ready for deployment at any time.

It can be equipped with independent air-conditioning, suitable for field operations under extreme weather

The vehicle has a reasonable layout and large storage space, and can carry up to 2 sets CW-25 VTOL UAV systems.

  • The side lift door design ensures convenient entry point of the UAV flight case
  • Dual rear doors and fixing rings provide safe storage space
  • Two workstations sit at the front of the vehicle, include two swivel task chair and four 22" TV monitors.

It can achieve all operation scenarios including post-disaster inspections, traffic management, emergency monitoring, border patrols, and utilities inspections, etc.

Integrate 100km wide and narrowband antenna link with 100km operating range.

  • The system has multiple redundancy guarantees to ensure / continuous operation over 20 hours.
  • Redundant power supply: An AC generator and a 20kWH accumulator have been installed in house
  • Redundant workstations

It is particularly important to synchronize air information to the ground command center during operations. The CW-25 UAV systems can automatically identify, lock and track moving targets, and instantly update and share target positioning data to tactical team on the ground.


One-button to turn on the vehicle-mounted ground control system, allowing you to quickly view the targets of interest through two workstations

Zoom in to confirm the target details

Safety and efficiency are our primary goals during field work.