Six UAVs participated in Bushfire monitor in China

The fire started on 28th March in Muli, Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture. The fire has spread over 15 hectares.

JOUAV CW-15D surveillance UAV was transported to the field to monitor the situation as the first responder.

JOUAV emergency team arrived at Xichang city and followed the unified deployment of the command center.

Through the CW-15D UAV to investigate the local wildfire, confirm the fire situation, output the fire point distribution map, and at the same time report the fire to the command center in real time, which is convenient for the command center to make decisions and provide strong support for the fire fighting work.

CW-15D with EO/IR gimbal camera, 50 times of optical zoom ability, which can be operated in both day and night, and can accurately locate the fire spot and send back the information to the ground in real-time.