16 sets UAVs were delivered to State Grid Xinjiang company

On July 13, the first phase of training of fixed-wing UAVs organized by the State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. was officially finished.

"This training is mainly to ensure that the fixed-wing UAV patrol inspection task can be carried out steadily and smoothly in 2020, to improve the quality of the patrol inspection work, and to improve the standardization of the fixed-wing UAV patrol inspection work." Chen Jiao, who is responsible for training said.

UAV power grid patrol training

It is reported that the training for the use of new equipment for fixed-wing UAVs organized by the Air Navigation Center has a total of two batches, including a total of 45 people from all units of the Xinjiang Electric Power Company to participate in the training.

From May 28 to June 3, JOUAV has successively delivered 16 sets VTOL fixed-wing UAVs to the State Grid Xinjiang Company, including 10 sets CW-15 UAVs and 6 sets CW- 30 UAVs. The UAVs are mainly used for patrol inspection of 750KV and 220KV transmission line.

"After mid-July, the aerial patrol center will start the flight patrol inspection of key transmission line according to the plan. CW series UAVs will escort the 400,000 kilometers transmission lines in Xinjiang." Deputy Director Chen Hui of the aerial patrol center told us.

On June 23, the first phase of training for fixed-wing UAVs started in Changji as scheduled, with 45 students participating. Seven JOUAV instructors were sent to the scene to teach theoretical knowledge and practical operation.

UAV delivery training

The training content includes drone-related regulations, use of ground station software, route planning, drone pre-flight inspection, power corridor fault finding, correct use of drone pictures, parameter download and processing, etc.

In order to allow every student to fully master the essentials of fixed-wing UAV technology, the instructors also arranged two CW-15 and two CW-30 UAVs at the training site for everyone to train. At the same time, the instructors also gave students of zero foundation various types of knowledge about fixed-wing UAVs, and guided them to carry out practical operations.

Overhead transmission lines are distributed in a wide outdoor area, the geographical environment is complex, the traditional manual inspection mode is inefficient, and the contradiction between the number of transmission professionals and the continuous growth of equipment is increasingly prominent.

UAV pratical operation

"Fixed-wing drone training is very helpful to patrol our transmission line corridors, because in some places people can’t get in, but the drone can video and check, and the drone can find out line failure easier. This training greatly improved the patrol inspection skills of various units in Xinjiang company." Pan Gong of the Aerial Patrol Center said.

With the iterative update of technology, the way of electric power inspection is changing. Chen Hui, deputy director of the Aerial Patrol Center, said that in the future work, he will keep up with the pace of the times, earnestly implement the requirements of lean patrol inspection, and devote his due strength to the power industry in Xinjiang.