12 flights in one day: CW-007’s new record

Recently, one of our surveyors updated the record again! With CW-007, he flew 12 flights a day!

On June 14th, at about 6 pm, we received a call from Li Gong, "Today I used CW-007 to field work from 8:30am to 6: 00pm, nearly 10 hours, 12 flights a day!" Li Gong said excitedly,

Li Gong used CW-007 to conduct aerial surveys of open-pit mine in Wuxue, Huanggang. The height difference of the survey area was 420 meters, the design height was 1030m, the aircraft's height was 630-830m, the heading point overlap rate was 80%, the side point overlap rate was 53%. CW-007 completed 12 sorties of 60 square kilometers survey area, with a total range of 480 kilometers.

Li Gong was fully satisfied with CW-007’s performance. "The survey area iss complicated and has serious pollution. The irregular range line and the terrain height difference have a serious impact on flight efficiency. If there is no height difference, the operation is based on the 1:1000 scale, and one flight can easily complete 10 square kilometers. The height difference also brought a certain degree of difficulty to the performance of the aircraft and the setting of the route. But CW-007 was really awesome."

Speaking of aerial surveys, Li Gong immediately took it seriously. "The design of routes requires a combination of terrain, survey area shape, and aircraft performance. This requires aerial survey knowledge and flight experience. It is not so easy to make a perfect flight plan."

In addition to the route setting, the next step is how to ensure that CW-007 can operate 12 sorties with effective battery power, which is also a point of concern for many surveyors.

Li Gong told us that before the operation, he would first check the basic situation of the survey area and the surrounding facilities, and design the route according to the situation. Li Gong's CW-007 is equipped with 5 batteries. When one battery is used up, it will immediately charge it in the car or in nearby households.

The CW-007 is powered by only one battery, which simplifies the user's operation process and improves the utilization rate of the power supply. " Working side by side with CW-007 for more than a month, Li Gong recognized the performance of CW series more, “I’ve calculated it, if it’s not because of the heavy pollution in the mining area of ​​this operation, I can fly 14, 15 sorties with 55-60 minutes of each flight."