In 2021, China's civilian drone sector will show five trends.

In recent years, the development of the drone industry has been accelerated and gradually extended to the civilian sector. Around the emerging market of civilian drones, countries have successively increased their support efforts to promote a comprehensive layout, and a fierce competition situation has been formed at present. And in this process, China relies on various aspects of the advantages of the development has achieved a specific benefit.


According to relevant data, in 2020, China's civil drone market size has reached 21 billion yuan, industry enterprises and products reached more than 7,000 and 400,000, respectively. The development trend and growth rate are up-and-coming. At the same time, the application of drones in various fields is also steadily developing, traveling deep and far, and the value and prospects continue to be highlighted. However, despite this, 2020 is also a challenging year for the development of China's civilian drones. During the year, the emergence of public health emergencies such as epidemics disrupted the average pace of development of the industry. At the same time, the technology blockade in Europe and the United States also brought many obstacles to the development of enterprises. In this context, the time has come to 2021. In the new year, where will China's civil drone development go? What trends will emerge in the story? Industry chain development tends to improve. Overall, it seems that the product of drones in 2020 is more opportunities than challenges. With the commercial space and potential value of drones highlighted in the past year, the industry continues to heat up, both in investment and corporate layout, showing a positive trend. In this context, the significant growth of the market size, the deepening of the integration of applications in various fields, the industry investment and financing, and the number of companies continue to increase, for the perfect development of the industry chain is a significant benefit.


In 2021, the drone industry is expected to extend from traditional R&D, production, and sales to commercial leasing, commercial services, and various types of training. At the same time, the collaborative development and collaborative innovation among drone companies are also expected to accelerate further, jointly helping to crack the industrial dilemma and optimize the industrial capital ecology and providing more support for the growth of small and medium-sized innovative and entrepreneurial enterprise development. Technology breakthroughs and integration accelerated At present, in terms of drone technology, with continuous efforts, China has a certain leading-edge for the time being. But as a new development, this lead is far from enough, and it is necessary to continuously accelerate innovation and expand the advantage. In this context and the continuous strengthening of UAV body technology breakthrough, China also needs to focus on UAV supporting technology to achieve a complete breakthrough and integration of UAV technology upgrade.


Based on this, in 2021, along with the continuous influx of industry capital, the significant acceleration of the layout of relevant enterprises, and the deepening of the pace of commercialization of 5G, artificial intelligence, etc., and the further implementation of new infrastructure and other strategies, on the one hand, technologies such as automatic obstacle avoidance, indoor visual positioning, GPS following, and virtual reality will be significantly improved. Civilian drone products will accelerate their development toward miniaturization, intelligence, and diversification. On the other hand, UAVs' range, flight radius, and flight height will be upgraded and expanded. The pace of industrial transformation has been accelerated. Civilian drones are internally divided into two categories: consumer-grade no and industrial-grade. In recent years, with the help of many companies, consumer-grade drones have made rapid development and increasingly become the mainstream of the civil drone market growth. However, with the increasing saturation of the consumer-grade market and the growing maturity of drone technology, and the deepening of commercial applications, drones are in urgent need of transformation, and the development of industrial-grade drones is increasingly becoming a new trend.

In this context, in 2021, along with the commercial implementation of 5G and other technologies, drones, as a virtual node of information systems, will accelerate the formation of innovative application systems and drive the development of industrial applications. At the same time, high-end UAVs will also promote the development of new application systems such as network information technology, which will continue to give rise to new products and technologies and will be further widely used in many areas of industry, continuously promoting the transformation to accelerate. In the case of industrial change has become a trend, 2021 will become a critical year. Policy Dividend Support Continues Again The smooth and rapid development of civilian drones cannot be separated from government policies' strong support and regulation. Since 2016, China has released the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of National Strategic Emerging Industries," "Guidance on Promoting and Regulating the Development of Civilian Drone Manufacturing," and "Measures for the Management of Civilian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operational Flight Activities" to give guidance and dividends to the development of drones.

In 2020, China released a new plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan, under which the future policy formulation of the drone industry will focus more on niche areas, such as increasing subsidies for agricultural plant protection drones, strengthening drone production standards and Supervision, accelerate the development and application of drone-related technologies, etc. In short, the UAV policy dividend will not be absent in 2021 but will continue. The construction of the regulatory system will be welcomed to the ground. Since 2017, incidents such as disturbance of navigation, theft of secrets, and injury caused by the black flight of drones have emerged, making the regulation of drones in China rapidly stricter and more perfect. In the past two years, the Civil Aviation Administration and other departments and provincial and municipal governments have introduced several policies and regulations to effectively regulate the personal use and commercial application of drones and ensure aviation safety and public security, including measures such as the real-name system.

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In 2021, the safety of drone applications is still an important issue of great concern. With the acceleration of commercial drones and the deepening of drone landing, it can be expected that various drone policies will become more and more perfect, and new policies and regulations will be introduced one after another to build an ideal drone regulatory system to help the orderly and healthy development of the civil drone industry. Of course, concerning some international regulatory strategies, China may also have to balance the degree between drone regulation and development in 2021.


Source Global Drone Network