20 sets of CW-15D UAVs delivered to forest firefighting department, Inner Mongolia

Recently, a truck of CW-15 UAVs arrived at customer’s company.


one truck of UAVs


On November 19, the CW-15D fixed-wing UAV acceptance ceremony was successfully held in Inner Mongolia, marking the official delivery of 20 sets CW-15Ds to the Forest Firefighting department.

"This delivery is mainly to ensure that the fixed-wing UAV forest inspection mission can be carried out steadily in 2021, improving the quality of inspection work, and enhance the standardization of the fixed-wing UAV inspection work." Mr. Zhang, who is responsible for the delivery task, said, “The delivered aircraft is mainly used for inspections of forest fire in 12 cities in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.”


UAV delivery


Forest fires are one of the major disasters that seriously threaten forestry protection. Fires can cause serious damage to forests, not only destroying forest resources, but also restricting the sustainable development of forestry.


“In the past, we did the forest fire prevention routine inspections. The efficiency of human inspections was slow, the cost of manned and aircraft inspections was high, and it’s not safe. There was a certain degree of waste of resources. UAV inspection will be more reliable and more efficient." According to the firefighters, the Forest Fire Fighting Corps will start flight inspections in key areas according to the plan in 2021.


forest fire prevention

With the iterative update of technology, forest fire prevention inspection methods are slowly changing. The firefighters of the Forest Fire Fighting Corps stated that they will keep up with the pace in their future work, and contribute their strength to the forest fire prevention in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.