Established in 2010, JOUAV® is committing to become a world-leading unmanned VTOL aircraft developer and manufacturing company. JOUAV® offers the most advanced automation technology and VTOL unmanned aircraft system available along with complete turn key solutons including payload integration, training and technical support.

R&D, aircraft design & manufacturing


Years | 1993-2020

CW series UAS and autopilot inventory worldwide


UAV | 2015-2020

Using JOUAV® products


Clients worldwide

Why Choose JOUAV®

Our UAS solutions streamline the process of geospatial data collection and analysis, enabling professionals in surveying & mapping, agriculture, engineering and humanitarian assistance to make better decisions faster.JOUAV® will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "Technology Innovation, Aviation Quality, Customer First" and work closely with partners to provide complete turnkey UAS solutions to clienteles.

Founder Team

Since the company was founded in 2010,through continuous product and technology innovation, our team introduces innovative UAS solutions to help users succeed. We have built a passionate, experienced team that focuses on solving the problems faced by users and transforming them into unique and innovative industry solutions.

Bill Ren

Founder & CEO

Leveraging on technology for a better world

JOUAV® has always been committed to using the cutting-edge technology to benefit the society, making high-risk tasks safer and improving scientific research efficiency. Over the years, JOUAV® has made great contributions to the development of China's economy, society and the natural environment by actively undertaking corporate social responsibility and practicing public welfare.

Operational Structure

Our vision

Implementing the globalization strategy and advocate the business philosophy of "Technology Innovation , Aviation Quality , Service Supreme", we are committed to becoming the world's leading provider of industrial-grade UAV systems and to create value for employees, shareholders and society.


Adhering to the spirit of cultural respect and adaption, we practice the talent development concept to provide employees with a platform to learn, share and grow with.
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